Measure N was supported by a substantial majority of Mariposa County voters, but failed to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to pass.

For the 63 percent of residents who voted Yes on Measure N, thank you for your support. Please know that the campaign committee will continue to work with the John C. Fremont Healthcare District to keep the hospital open by finding a way to finance construction of a facility that meets the state’s seismic safety standards.

For the 37 percent of residents who voted No on Measure N, we heard you. We know you don’t want the hospital and its emergency room to lose its license to operate on January 1ST 2030. But we also know there were aspects of Measure N you found unacceptable, and we intend to address your objections and concerns when finding another way to finance the project.

We would also like to invite all Mariposa County residents, whether you voted Yes or No on Measure N, to get engaged with the effort to Save Our Hospital by contacting us at We all owe it to ourselves and future generations of Mariposans to ensure life-saving care is available whenever it’s needed.