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Kathy Sutherland

In September, 2019, Glenn was bitten on his tongue by a meat bee. Obviously he was in pain, but we thought that by putting ice on his tongue, the pain would quickly go away. Instead, with in 10 minutes, his tongue was very swollen, making it difficult for him to talk. He also was developing hives on his arms and legs. We jumped in the car and headed for the emergency room at JC Fremont. The receptionist took one look at Glenn and whisked him back into an examining room. Within two minutes of his arrival, Glenn was hooked up to oxygen, and an IV containing three medications. Dr Gionis was thorough and professional, and he explained to both of us that Glenn was going into anaphylactic shock. Glenn was monitored for several hours by a very caring and attentive staff, and we were sent home with clear and concise instructions of what to expect. The next day, Dr Gionis called to see how Glenn was feeling. It was like having our own Marcus Welby, MD.

Both of us were impressed and grateful for the wonderful care Glenn received. We realized that an hour long drive to an ER in the valley could have put Glenn’s life in danger. Also, the staff treated us more like family than numbers on a chart.

For this visit, and because of so many more reasons, JC Fremont hospital is very important to our community.

Glenn Sutherland

I’ve had quite a few positive experiences with the hospital over the years, both in the clinic and in the ER, but what stands out in my mind is the treatment that my dad received at J C Fremont during the last few months of his life, about 6 years ago.

It started with a couple trips to the ER for falls he had taken, but fairly quickly they figured out that the falls likely were caused by the fact that he was retaining fluid, making his legs very heavy and hard to lift. He checked into Fremont for several days for diagnosis, then was transferred to a major hospital in Fresno for a week of further diagnosis, and then back to Fremont for a couple weeks to build up his strength as much as possible so he could live out his remaining weeks at home here in Mariposa.

The treatment that Dad got at J C Fremont was wonderful, from Dr. Rogers, the nurses, and all the rest of the staff, and then the folks with home health and hospice. They all treated him like a person. They were very professional, but also very kind, caring and accessible. The comparison to the major hospital where he spent a week was like night and day. The contrast was just as stark for the family; at Fremont, they made it easy to visit Dad, answered our questions, and fulfilled to our requests. And when we asked to talk to the doctor, he would appear as soon as he could. It wasn’t a happy experience, but it was so much more bearable because of the caring treatment we all received at J C Fremont.

When people think about possibly losing our hospital, sometimes I think there’s a tendency to think about the convenience that it offers, or perhaps how quickly you can get there in an emergency. Those things are important, but to me, even more important is the personal, caring, and professional treatment that our hospital provides.

Bob Hudson

What was it like before John C. Fremont Hospital was here? Bob Hudson of Mariposa tells a story of his father, Harry C. Hudson, and his uncle, Jim Phillips, who drove the ambulance in the 1940s--an old Plymouth Station Wagon. They kept it at their Shell gas station where Concierge Realty is now. The closest hospital was in Madera, and they took Highway 140 to Cunningham Road and then to Le Grand and Madera.

One day young Ronnie Jones and his friend, Darrell Abbott, were riding on a bike together when they were hit by a vehicle. Harry and Jim picked them up in the ambulance and headed to the hospital in Madera. On the way, Jim reached back to feel their legs to see how they were doing . Only Ronnie was still alive.

We don't want to go back to the Old Days of having to drive 40 miles or more to get treatment. Please vote YES on Measure N to save our hospital

Carla H

I have had the privilige of JCF Hospital taking care of my mother Emma L twice since June 10th 2020. I would like to take this time to thank the staff and Jennifer directly for the quality of care that they have given her and the extra amount of time they took to make sure she was alright and comfortable in her later time of life.

I would name many of the staff who went over and above to provide that for her, but honestly each and everyone took that extra moment to make sure to listen and cared, your CNA's are amazing and are something to be proud of. Not everyone has the pleasure to see the extra work and effort they put into their daily tasks.

From a third party perspective it does appear that staffing is short, I can imagine the stress involved with your staff when that occurs and I hope one day that can be helped and recitfied to add more to your already wonderful caring group.

I thank all of them, I am sure will pass thru the halls again as mom ages, (94) geez..but still will pass thru again, and at least will know she is in good hands with all involved.

Thank you! God Bless

Amy Eaton

Unfortunately, I have very recent experience here but MOST FORTUNATLEY, my husband is alive and doing well. Bill had a heart attack and was airlifted less than 2 weeks ago to Dr.'s Hospital in Modesto from John C Fremont emergency room. He was at home but didn't tell anyone what he was feeling and drove himself to the hospital. He drove around the ER a few times, debating if he should go in or not and thankfully did. As it turned out he was in the middle of what they call a full, active Stemi heart attack. Bill was not able to talk or call me himself at first but the communication I received from Rachel at ER was clear, concise and compassionate. She explained his current physical state, she told me how quickly the time line was gonna work (meaning I would not be able to see Bill before he was taken by helicopter), she verified when I asked that I would NOT be able to see him at Dr.'s Hospital due to COVID19 and she then relayed to Bill what could have been my last message to him, ever. THAT is a huge responsibility to carry and some might even call it a burden. I can't imagine playing that role. By chance, my sister is Head of Nurses, Cardiac ICU floor at one of the Sutter hospitals in the Sac area. When I talked to her that night about what had happened to Bill, timeline, etc.... she said "your little hospital kicked butt, Aim. They definitely have their trauma unit in order," as she explained certain protocols and steps in specific care to me. I have had my hands full, lol!, but fully intended to get a shout out to JCF Hospital on their care and quick responses regarding my husband's heart attack. It could have very well been a different story had they misused even just a few minutes time..... My gratitude and appreciation to you all.

Rudy Miralez

Over the years, I have observed the John C Fremont Hospital facility to be outdated for the times. The excellent hospital staff have done so much with the inadequate space while providing medical treatment. After experiencing a critical incident, I understand the importance of having a close modern day medical facility. A John C Fremont facility upgrade is necessary to address a multitude of increasing medical needs and emergencies.

Chuck Kendall

To our Mariposa friends, we really do need our hospital! Having been in this facility a couple of times. Each time was treated in the most excellent manner. Once finding a cause that other hospitals had missed altogether. So have nothing but praise for this local hospital and the quality of care it provides.
It is so important for emergencies to be treated and stabilized even if one needs to be transferred to a major hospital.
That window of opportunity when attention of care is a matter of life or death. Especially in heart and stroke cases!
So am definitely in favor of Measure N.

Les Marsden (from JCF Facbook page)

JCF has provided terrific healthcare to me, my wife, our son - and friends. The staff is caring, totally professional and of the highest standards of training and knowledge. Whether in the ER, main hospital floor, clinic 1 or clinic 2, our experiences have always been exemplary, from routine care to acute emergency care. I cannot imagine this region without JCF - and for such a relatively sparsely-populated rural area, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a high-quality facility serving our health needs. We rest a little more easily, knowing JCF is HERE for us.

Mike Healy (from JCF Facebook page)

I was in the ER yesterday and the staff was simply great even though they had many other patients to take care of aside from me. Thank you all so very much, you made me proud of what you are doing especially during this time and you got me out of pain, THANK YOU!!!

Sandra Brooks

If JCF wasn't there, I would have died from respiratory failure.

Roger & Becky Matlock

Roger and I are also adding our names.  We have used the emergency room a couple of times in the last 2 years - I honestly don’t know what I would have done if our hospital wasn’t here.  And living in town now, we are very aware of how many helicopter flights go out every day to area hospitals as they fly over our home.  Some of those folks on the helicopter may not make a 1 1/2-2 ambulance ride down the hill.  As we age, we realize how hard it is for us to make the trip down to Fresno or Merced to see our speciality doctors.  Just having an expanded imaging department at the hospital has been a blessing.  We must save our hospital!

Alicia Tincup (from JCF Facebook page)

Nice, caring employees. very friendly. Always trying to get you in as soon as possible. love it here.

Ryan Sagmiller (from JCF Facebook page)

Friendly people, try to get you in with a doctor as soon as possible, especially in an emergency.

Angela & George Heiss

JC Fremont Hospital has saved our lives and the lives of our family members over the years. Without a hospital, the Clinics, the Ewing Wing In Mariposa, we are all in jeopardy. Please vote for Measure N in November.

Retired Sheriff Pelk Richards

We have to have this hospital. They saved my life when I had my heart attack. I’m voting Yes on Measure N.

SM Prue

My spouse needed IV antibiotics for several days and I was so happy she could be admitted to Fremont instead of driving down the hill. I’m voting Yes on Measure N.

Pat Stacy

I had trouble breathing and went to the Fremont ER. They immediately diagnosed a life-threatening pulmonary embolism and started treatment to save my life. I’m voting Yes on Measure N.

Candy O'Donel-Browne

Nineteen years ago, a mammogram at JCF gave me the chance to live all these extra years. If the mammogram that saved my life hadn't been available in Mariposa, I might not be here now.

Doug Binnewies

Fremont Hospital provides the necessary and valuable medical care to our jail.  Federal and state mandates require a high level of care for incarcerated persons.  Without a local hospital to provide this our costs would skyrocket. This is just one reason why I, and many, support Measure N.